Parisienne Post Delay

Yes, we are doing this on purpose.

07/13/12 Paris.

Hello y’all. I know it’s Sunday, which means we should be in Paris today, stealing whiffs from boulangeries, strolling along the Seine, and enriching our souls with masterpieces from le Louvre. I promise we’ll get there by the next weekend! The college student that I am, I have been swamped for the past week so I’ll have to delay this post for a couple days. Didn’t want to leave you on this fine Sunday morning with rien though so here’s a photo of one thing we did: continue our streak of high fives at high-five worthy landmarks. Why? Because we can.  WHY NOT?

Hang in there. 2 weeks til Thanksgiving and 2 DAYS til the elections! Have you voted yet? I’d also like to take a moment to give my best wishes to those affected by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast. Can you guess how wide the diameter of this storm was? The lengths of Oregon and California combined. 

And while I have your undivided attention, DO check out the blog of David Lebovitz, who I actually met to sign my book on the 14th of July! Now THAT was a true highlight of Paris on Bastille Day for sure.

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