Mexico, Emma Watson, and WordPress

It’s been a year since I last updated this page. Let me whip out a duster.

Sorry Paris, Hamburg, Oslo, Bergen, Tromso… all the cities I have yet to chronicle.

I just realized that all my diaries are stored in a file on my old laptop… whose hard drive had COMPLETELY CRASHED.

People, get an external hard drive. You will save your future “WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME” self much cursing and self-flagellation. My notes are all gone – a devastating blow to my day.

So why am I thanking Emma Watson?

I was watching her on the Ellen Show today and, besides the fact that I (and every other living human being) am in love with her already, my girl crush just leveled up x20000: This woman has kept more than 30 journals throughout her life! Kindred soul. Except I probably have 30/6 = 5ish journals only so far with a totally different subset of memories.

Anyway, my blogging self was rekindled to life by how diligently Emma jots down her thoughts every single day… because why not? I’d love to read back on my ridiculous 20-something year old thoughts when I’m 75, ballin’ with pearls, a feisty old woman ready to relive the “good ol’ years”.

Ha. We will see about that. I like to think that my “good ol’ years” ripen with age, which is in fact true for each passing year at Cal, but that’s a whole different story. Never peak.

You know those lifestyle tracking apps that quantify how much time you spend doing various daily tasks? I would NEVER want to see my results (unless it’s for vital health reasons) because I’m pretty sure the only impressive data will reveal how much time I spend doing mindless things everyday. I absolutely need to change that.

So thank you, Emma, for bringing me godsend advice by simply being on YouTube.

Where does Mexico fit in? Let’s bring this post back to the point- this is a travel blog! I have just returned from a wonderful 5 day trip to Cancun, Mexico, and will be sharing my jam-packed days with you shortly!

Thoughts of the day:
– Modigliani and Miller Propositions I and II in a world with and without taxes
– Net present value of future blog posts… oh I mean, cash flows
– Blame above 2 on finance midterm
– John Legend: just saw him perform on Monday night. This man can SING. I like how critics praise his “babymaking breakfast music.” I’m trying to make a cover of “Ordinary People”. The piano score is beautiful to play but my voice is battered from a cold so this will have to wait. Did I also mention how awesome his wife Chrissy’s food blog is? Her tone is hilarious.
– General reflections on how fast time is passing and what each of my past semesters have been defined by. A lot has happened and I look forward to making the most of what’s to come.

Chichen Itza
One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza is comin’ right up with a side of Ancient Mayan history! Welcome back!

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